I noticed that there are many Bahamians who tend to shy away from scientific subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics in high school, and then struggle severely with them in college (when they choose to do science-based majors). But the question is, why? Is it because of religious reasoning? Is it because the older generation tend to make science seem hard and that only the intelligent can manage with it? is it just too
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Chemistry is one of those subjects that you simply cannot absorb by reading. You must apply the principles by practicing equations and relating everything you’ve learned to something you encounter every day. I think a lot of us have issues understanding science topics, especially chemistry because we can’t see it in our every day lives. So to help you out, I’ve devised several ways in which you can start to prepare for chemistry 1. Understand that chemistry happens all
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Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I have posted an article (2 weeks to be exact) and that’s because I was having too much fun during my Christmas break (i.e. sleeping lol) But I was talking to a Gambian young man recently who raised some issues that, quite frankly, all of us are facing and is exacerbated in Africa. That is, you’re taught that obtaining a
In one of my earlier posts, history of tutoring, I talked about how the British government did not get involved with education until 1833. This meant that the colonies would be affected simultaneously because the Governors who were assigned to each colony was in charge of ensuring that the wishes of the Crown were carried out. Now, this did not necessarily mean that the Crown, and subsequently its host of royal Governors, somehow understood their
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