Once Upon a Child

“Children Wellness is Our Business”

One of The Bahamas’ unique afterschool enrichment programs which uses predominately nonacademic and fun activities to develop the whole child.

The program includes:

  • Art classes: purpose to develop the child’s artistic side and provide a space for their creativity. Each week the children work on an art project which will be showcased by the end of the year.
  • Book Club: Not just your ordinary book club. This club encompasses the illumination of stories through folktales, drums and other forms of music, which is embedded deep within our Bahamian culture. This is to inspire our young ones to enjoy reading again, while simultaneously maintaining our cultural roots within future generations
  • Junior Achievement (JA): This is the opportunity for your young ones to learn about business and money at a very young age. One of the best opportunities that they can take advantage of. Available for grades 3-6.
  • Yoga and Character Developement: What yoga can do for our kids? Develop good posture, build strong muscles and strong mind.
  • Conversational French: Children have an opportunity to develop their language skills by learning a second language. And of course, it’s through a fun and interactive experience with Madamoiselle Thurston.
  • Science: This is the best opportunity to capture a child’s interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses. During this time, kids are thoroughly involved in replicating science experiments while understanding the results of the experiment (for example, being able to answer why a certain reaction occurred or didn’t occur.
  • And many more fun activities


So for only $10 per hour, why not allow your child to take advantage of these opportunities!

Available for children ages 7-15

Monday- Friday (except Thursday) 3pm-5pm

Located at St John’s College