Raising positive Kids in a Negative world: Brian Tracy Self-Help program review

Here at Tyra’s Tutoring, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our students are well-rounded both at home and within their academics. This means that parents play an integral role in their child’s education. Seeing that I am not yet a mother myself, I decided to turn to some of the best sources of information regarding tips on parenting, one of them coming from the world-renown Brian Tracy. So if you have ever questioned whether you are raising your child in the right way or would love some tips on how to do so, continue reading on.


Disclaimer: some of the links that are on this page may allow me to receive some sort of compensation. But no worries, I endeavor to remain as transparent and honest as possible during this review.


Name: How To Raise Happy, Healthy, Self Confident Children

350x250 Raise Happy, Healthy, Self-Confident Children

Subjects taught: 4 Behaviors of effective parenting, how to raise responsible children, how to communicate with your children on a deeper level, how to help your child achieve higher grades in school, how to help your child stay drug-free, how to manage your time so that your family comes first and how to raise healthy kids.

Products: Included in this package is a 6-CD set that totals 6 hours of instruction and an audio program on time management

Price Range: $97.00 for the physical 6-CD training set and $77 for the digital downloadable training kit

To give you a better idea of the product produced, I will explain the entrepreneur and the pioneer behind this program.

Who is Brian Tracy?

He is a Canadian-American speaker and the Chairman of Brian Tracy International, a company that was founded in 1984 Vancouver Canada that specializes in personal and business training. For the past 30+ years, he has studied, researched, written and spoken on various aspects within economics, history, philosophy, psychology, and business, making him a guru in this particular field of self-help. Additionally, he has a university, also called Brian Tracey International, located in San Diego California of which is another avenue that his knowledge can be transferred.

To talk about how he got to where he is today, it’s important to understand his past. He grew up watching his parents struggle to make ends meet and hearing them complain that they don’t have enough money. This eventually fueled his curiosity as to why other families were able to live at a better quality of life while he was struggling, which has led to the belief that “people become what they think most of the time.” Also, a series of unfortunate circumstances (including a near-death experience in the Sahara desert) had led to a complete life transformation for him, hence his great success.

Based upon his past, this should lead you to a better determination of whether the product is good for you if it resonates with you, especially since he was not raised in a middle class or wealthy environment.

What are some of the products and services?

There are about 64 products available with the ability to be privately coached by Brian, see him speak at a seminar or learn how to be a coach in one of Brian’s seminars (all are separate prices).

The products can be further subdivided into 7 categories: Personal development, sales training, business training, Time management, Leadership training, Book Writing, and Public Speaking.

But for this particular article, we will be focusing on the “How to Raise Happy, Healthy, Self-Confident Children” program.

How to Raise Happy, Healthy, Self-Confident Children review

This program is boasted as a sort of instruction manual on how to rear kids in the right way and it has garnered many positive reviews. The reason being is that Brian places a lot of his personal grievances with raising his own children and how he effectively managed them. He also has included an individual with a Ph.D. in education (who was also a parent as well) to further cement his claims. To me, this is important because you cannot give parenting advice unless you are:

a). A parent yourself and have actually tried your own methods (and they worked)

b). A parent who has researched extensively in this area or

c). A parent who has extensively researched child developmental stages and effectively used their knowledge to implement proper strategies with their own children (the main reason why I have personally refrained from trying to give advice myself)

Brian also identifies the importance of raising children to gradually assume responsibility. He states that when a child is born, they have 0% of the responsibilities. However, as they get older, the percentage will increase to maybe 5% and then 10% for example. Eventually, the goal is that by 18 years of age, the child is willing and able to assume 100% responsibility for their own lives. This activity also leads them to become more confident individuals.


There are several advantages to using this program:

  1. The program is set where you can learn at your own pace, in your own time and in any space.
  2. You have various options for learning each lesson; The CDs are great for popping in your car while driving or your laptop (if you still have a DVD/CD drive in your laptop) or you can take a much easier route and just purchase the digital downloadable version and download it to your phone/mp3 device to listen during a flight for example.
  3. You can purchase a used CD training set from amazon for just about $20 (however, I wouldn’t recommend because CDs tend to scratch easily, making them unreadable. This is to give you another option if you can’t afford the program off of Brian’s website).
  4. It’s a one time buy so you can reference these programs at any time for years


  1. There is no true hard and fast rule when it comes to parenting because there are no two individuals who are alike and were raised in the exact same circumstances (this is true even for your own family of siblings; no two siblings are raised exactly alike….or at least they shouldn’t be). So the fact that they advertise their product to be an instruction manual is not exactly true because instruction manuals give detailed descriptions of a product and also some troubleshooting methods in case the product has a malfunction. They should really advertise their program to be a foundational guideline of sorts that are adjustable to personal circumstances.
  2. The book is pretty old (its latest publishing is dated back to 2002) so some of the issues that exist in parenting today, such as the use of technology, for example, may not be addressed, thus deeming some of it useful.
  3. If purchasing the physical CDs, they are more expensive and they do not have longevity; they scratch easily causing the content on the CD to become unreadable by a computer or other CD/DVD reading device. In fact, the use of CDs are now becoming obsolete.

So should you buy?

Even though there is no hard or fast rule when it comes to parenting a child, Brian does leave disclaimers at the bottom of his product page, warning potential customers that:

1). The results of the program will vary based upon circumstances, time commitments, and how much of the program’s lessons that you decide to use with your children and

2). That some of the testimonials listed on the product page may discuss above average results but BrianTracy.com does not promise similar results.

I like these clauses because they prove their transparency of their product. Additionally, Brian Tracy’s transparency with how he raised his children during the training course should also give you an idea of how effective it may be. There may be a need to make necessary adjustments to suit the program to the current decade but the principles remain the same.

Additionally, if you feel as though you rather test-drive his ideology first, Brian also has a blog and a YouTube page that freely gives information on this same topic of parenting as well as many, many others.

So why not go ahead and try him out today! Click here to see more about the product

8 thoughts on “Raising positive Kids in a Negative world: Brian Tracy Self-Help program review”


I have never heard of Brian Tracy, his courses seem interesting.  I do agree with the first part of your cons in this review.  There is no hard rule to parenting.  Every child is different.  I like to look at courses for ideas on how to parent and then adapt those findings with my own children or other kids that I come into contact with.  Do you think that these teachings will help a parent simply parent even better? Or would it help someone just learn how to parent in general?

    Tyranique Thurston

    I honestly think these teachings will give a wider perspective on how to parent…or at least give some other ideas. I believe that you shouldn’t take everyone’s advice 100% because it may not suit you and your family, but its always good to get some ideas from parents who have already been there.

Dave Sweney

This looks like a good course for anyone that is trying to raise kids so they have a positive attitude in this somewhat negative world. I have heard of Brian Tracy and even read some of his material over the years. This and your review tells me that the course is well worth checking out for anyone having young kids these days. 

All parents are looking for self-help methods to do the best they can for their offspring and there is a lot of material to choose from. Unfortunately, it is not all quality material. This course on how to raise happy, healthy, and self-confident children is quality.

I do agree with the cautions of the age of the material. There are some principles that remain the same over decades but it will be up to the parent that is going through the course to take the information and apply it to today’s state of society with all the technological changes and the effect that is having on kids (parents too for that matter).  



I think I like the name of the program since it is obviously telling what it is all about. As for Brian himself it is quite good to hear this from someone who has a lot of life experiences. I would like to get this program and hope it helps bring up a confident child because I know how it feels to feel you lack something and look down on yourself and wouldn’t want my child to grow up that way. The programme is quite pricey but does look worth it, after all we are supposed to invest the best we can to bring up a positive child.


Raising kids in a negative world can be tricky. I’m pretty old school, I stuck to that when raising my kids and it worked everytime. I raised very smart, polite and respectful children successfully with out direct help, but by using my parents techniques as they did theirs. I’m sure that Brian Tracy’s self help program could be beneficial to young parents today so many of them were raised quite differently than some of us old school parents. Thanks for sharing.

    Tyranique Thurston

    Yes. Thats one of the things that I realised as a young person myself. Alot of parents these days around my age don’t raise their kids the same way that I was raised a child. It’s completely different so I thought that Brian Tracey’s program would be a different perspective that meshed the two generations together.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! 🙂

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