At Tyra’s Tutoring Services, we offer a variety of subjects to aid in you or your child’s success, no matter the age or grade level with the highest level being at the undergraduate degree. These subjects include:

  • Biology (human and plant anatomy and physiology)
  • Chemistry (inorganic, organic, biochemistry)
  • French (beginners-intermediate level)
  • Music (beginners-intermediate level)
  • Math (all levels including SAT and AP)

We also aid in preparing for the Royal Schools of Music examinations, and the BJC and BGCSE examinations in the subject areas listed above.

We haven’t forgotten our Family Islanders! Opportunities to schedule skype appointments are available.

So call and book an appointment today or join our email list and we will be happy to serve you!

For more information on services offered, please click the following links:

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Saturday Tutoring Centre

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