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Name: i-to-i TEFL Review

Happy New Adventure

Subjects taught: Teaching English as a Second Language certification in 2 levels (level 3 and Level 5)

Price Range: $139.60 for level 3 course; $398 for level 5 course. There are also internship packages and other course bundles (which I will outline below).


Are you an avid adventure seeker? Do you like experiencing different cultures? Do you like learning languages? Do you like teaching? Do you have the flexibility to move to an entirely different country?

If you answered yes to any three of these questions, then Teaching English As a Foreign Language (TEFL) could very well be for you. But in order to do this, you will need to have obtained a bachelor’s degree (in any field really) and then go through the right programs that are certified in TEFL (so no-one can send you in the middle of a jungle with no aid in sight) and i-to-i TEFL is a good choice for that.

Who is i-to-i TEFL?

It’s both an online and on-site training certification program for those that are interested in teaching English as a second language in different countries. Additionally, after completing the training course, they help you find paid internships and also jobs in any non-English-speaking country in Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and online.

The company first began in 1994 in a classroom and then moved into the online field in 2001. They became the very

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first tutoring program that offered classes online and the longest-running TEFL program to date.

i-to-i TEFL is accredited by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), which is a government agency in England that regulates qualifications, examinations, and tests.

Now, after explaining all of this, I know that this may be a question that all of you are asking: Is it mandatory for those who are native English speakers to receive certification to teach English as a Foreign language?

Yes. In this day and age, most businesses and/or schools are not going to accept applications without it. even if you have your degree in teaching. This is because teaching English as a second language is hard work, especially if you don’t speak the local language. Plus, you are guaranteed a higher salary with the certification than without it.

What are some of the services?

There are two main courses that the program offers; Level 3 TEFL courses and Level 5 TEFL courses. There are also paid Internship packages and course bundles that might be of interest. I will go in detail of each. The total access time to all of these resources is 6 months from the time you purchase them.

Level 3 TEFL courses

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These are cheaper courses that can either prepare you to teach while volunteering in different countries or prepares you to go into teaching TEFL full time. All of these courses are online so it can fit around your time.

You can choose one out of 3 options of total hours that range from 120h to 300h.

  1. 120h: it is an English government regulated course that is internationally recognized and you have access to support and feedback from qualified tutors. This cost $139.60.
  2. 180h: You have all the benefits of the 120h included and then there is an additional bonus of a 30h teaching young learners course and 30hour awareness of grammar course. This package cost $179.60.
  3. 300h: you have all the benefits of the 180h course included as well as additional options in a 30h advanced lesson planning course, course on teaching one-to-one tutoring and 60 hours teaching business English course. This package costs $259.60

In my opinion, if you are already a full-time teacher and just looking for certification, then the 120h course is the perfect package for you. If you have no experience in teaching what-so-ever, then the 300h package is perfect for you.

Level 5 TEFL courses

This is a certificate course that’s said to give you access to some of the most competitive jobs worldwide. Each course is divided into three nodules with a test at the end of each nodule. Then you must take a final assessment in which you create lesson plans and discuss it with a tutor, then take a final exam.

You can choose one out of 3 options of total hours ranging from 180hours to 300 hours based upon your budget:

  1. The 180h course is a level 5 English government regulated course that allows you feedback from qualified tutors, is recognized and highly respected by employers and is slated to boost your earning and employment potential. This course costs $398.00.
  2. The 240h course includes all the perks of the 180h course and then adds an option of training in one-to-one teaching and online course that is 60 hours long. All of this will cost $478.00.
  3. The 300h course includes all the perks of the 240h course and then adds an option of learning how to teach business English, which is 60hours long. This package cost $518.00

In my opinion, you can get by with the 180h course if you’re on a tight budget. However, the 300h course is ideal because it includes certification in teaching business English, which is a plus because you literally can teach anywhere that has foreign non-English-speaking workers, including in your home town.

Now you may be asking, “what’s the difference between the Level 3 TEFL courses and the Level 5 TEFL courses?”

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Well on their website, they suggest that the Level 5 courses are ideal because you can teach English worldwide at competitive locations whereas the level 3 courses are mainly for those who would like to teach English while volunteering in less competitive locations and you don’t need great English to learn from this course. But I decided to do a little research of my own.

The level 5 course is considered similar to a CELTA and Trinity certification (which are strict courses created by Cambridge University). There are even some jobs that list the CELTA certification specifically. This may be considered a plus if you were to choose to do a level 5 course. However, there is a possibility that these particular companies are only recognizing CELTA qualifications so they may not recognize the level 5 i-to-i training course. In this respect, you must do your research.

The fact that there may not be a lot of businesses accepted i-to-i TEFL courses can also limit the amount of choices to only those that are in partnership with i-to-i TEFL.

Additionally, the minimum industry standard number of hours that a person must have by the end of a completed course is 120hours, so depending upon your goals, you may not need more than a standard level 3 training.

Also, the courses are filled with theoretical concepts, much of it is barely applicable to real-world application but it will get your foot in the door to many foreign businesses. So I would suggest selecting the course that fits your budget and meets the requirements of a specific job that you are interested in.

Internship Packages

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You have the option of 3 different packages where you can stay in a particular country for a short period of time while being paid. These packages include free accommodations, in-country support, orientation, visa experience and you can choose if you would rather volunteer your time than being paid for the internship. Please note that the prices for these packages may not be the same as this post. The packages include:

  1. Paid Vietnam Internship cost $777.00 – This package includes
    1. 120hrs online TEFL training,
    2. 5-month teaching internship,
    3. $700 US monthly salary (with a $700 bonus upon completion of course),
    4. Vietnamese lessons,
    5. accommodation and support throughout the internship and
    6. it can host a group of 75 people or more.
    7. The only drawbacks are that you must already have a degree, must be between the ages of 20 and 35, and you must hold a passport from South Africa, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. The deadline to apply for this program is January 24th, 2020 and once you would have applied, you have the option of choosing 2 different dates out of the year to go. Of course, there will be other opportunities to apply if you had missed this deadline. You also will need to sort out flight, visa info, and travel insurance yourself as these are not included in the package. Lastly, it is imperative to budget at least $220 for your first month as you won’t be paid until the end of the month.
  2. Thailand TEFL internship cost $837.00 – This package includes:
    1. 120hrs online TEFL training,
    2. 7 week (or 2 months) volunteer internship (i.e. not paid),
    3. accommodations (where you will have a roommate or a friend living with you),
    4. orientation and full support throughout the internship and
    5. is for a group of 20 or more students.
    6. The good thing about this program is that you don’t need a degree or prior teaching experience and its available to individuals between the 18-35 years. You’d also need to budget $360 per month.
  3. Paid China Internship cost $770.00 – includes
    1. 120h of online training,
    2. 5 months internship teaching English,
    3. lessons in mandarin,
    4. orientation and full support,
    5. accommodation,
    6. $260 monthly allowance with a $650 bonus for completion and
    7. orientation and full support throughout.
    8. Can also take a group size of 100 and more and for those between the ages of 18 and 45. However, just as in the previous internships, you will have to prepare at least $55 for the first month as you will not be paid until the end of the first month.
    9. The great thing about this internship is that you don’t need prior teaching experience, a university degree or a second language.

Other Course Bundles

Of course, TEFL allows you to customize your courses with different add-ons so that it is more specified to you. However, I must note that these add on can only be added if you have already purchased a course.

Level 3 course bundle:

  1. Bronze bundle- $59.95: includes 5 different ebooks that range from career planning to grammar. Also, has a 15-hour extension
  2. Silver bundle- $79.95: includes a 30-day extension, 5 ebooks, and a TEFL job guide
  3. Gold bundle- $99.95: includes a 90-month extension, 5 ebooks, TEFL job guide, becoming an online tutor course, how to teach teenagers course and how to become an IETLS coach.

Level 5 course bundle:

  1. Bronze bundle- $39.95: includes 4 ebooks, 30-day extension, and a grammar guide
  2. Silver bundle- $59.95: includes 4 ebooks, 90-day extension grammar guide, and a TEFL ebook
  3. Gold bundle- $74.95: includes all that’s included in the silver bundle with an additional finding a TEFL job guide, How to teach English online and already done lesson plans

Internship bundle $44.95:

includes already made lesson plans, 3 essential ebooks, grammar guide, teaching teenagers course, teaching young learners course, and 12-month access to the course.

If you ask me, the level 3 and level 5 bundles seems unnecessary unless you see that

a). There is something else that interests you or

b). You’ve noticed through your job search that one of the add on bundles has what you need that the regular course doesn’t.

The only bundle that makes sense to me is the internship bundle as everything comes pre-prepared so you are ready to teach as soon as you arrive. The problem with that is, will you actually learn anything while there?


  1. Flexibility of hours- you can do your lessons any time you want
  2. budget-friendly- all of these course packages are designed to give you the best bite for your buck at your budget (in fact, they are very inexpensive compared to other TEFL certification courses).
  3. You have access to thousands of jobs through their job bank
  4. you’re able to receive on the job training through both their paid and unpaid internships
  5. they don’t leave you basically defenseless during their internships- they provide accommodations, at least one meal, and 24h support.
  6. certain add-ons include lesson planning, which cuts A LOT of time off your hands (trust me. lesson planning can suck at times).
  7. their website is very user-friendly. Everything can be found easily.


  1. the certification may only limit you to the jobs offered by i-to-i
  2. you’re not able to adjust the course with the add-on (for example, switch out one option for a next).
  3. too many options can seem overwhelming to anyone
  4. The course material themselves are not as mind-boggling as some say in their reviews. It’s mostly surface knowledge but you can get by with it.
  5. You are limited to the amount of time you can access your course material (you don’t have it for life)
  6. the internships are only available to those who hold passports from the countries listed above (however, its worth a shot to still ask anyway if you are from an English-speaking country not listed).

So should you buy?


I know this one was a lot of information to wrap your head around but I wanted to make sure that I was as in-depth as possible.

The i-to-i TEFL courses are viable options if you are interested in dabbling in teaching English as a foreign language world and want to see if you would keep it as a career. This is because they are some of the most inexpensive courses that are offered, especially in the online world, and they are government certified.

For those who are just interested in getting certification, the level 3 120h certification course will be just enough. For those of you who know that you want to pursue TEFL as a career, then I would recommend the level 5 300h course. Anything else in between is just a waste of time and money in my opinion.

I would also suggest purchasing add-ons for the internship so that you won’t be so overwhelmed with trying to complete lesson plans while learning how to adapt to a certain culture. That will be extremely helpful. Trust me.

There you have it! if you are interested in learning more about the i-to-i TEFL courses or maybe you have already made up your mind to purchase ——–>click here<————

See you soon!

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