Toddler educational Toys: A M SANMERSEN Piano Mat Review

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Name of product: M Sanmersen Piano mat

Age: 12 months and up

Dimensions: 39.37 x 14.2 inches

Weight: 8 ounces

Price Range: $18.98

Description of Product

The M Sanmersen Piano mat is a foldable musical dance mat that is a great educational toy for toddlers because of its various functions and versatility.

It consists of 8 piano keys with each key having piano sound, color, and with a touch of the switch button on the mat, different songs are played on each key. The mat also has pictures of animals and once pressed, each animal produces a sound. Additionally, when any part of the mat is pressed, the lights surrounding the speaker is illuminated.

Children are able to press on the mat using both hands and feet and it is safe for babies because it made from soft, non woven fabric that is tasteless and non-toxic.

Lastly, the mat requires 3 double AA batteries that are not included with the package. However, it shuts off after 2 minutes of idle use.

Is this the ideal educational toy for toddlers?

The mat is bright and colorful and noisy, making it ideal for children between 1 and 5 as it stimulates most of their senses. The bright colors and flashing lights appeal to their sight; the music that is played through the mat appeals to their hearing and the need to touch/dance/hit the mat appeal to their tactile needs.

The mat also encourages sensory-motor activity because when the child learns that sound is produced once parts of the mats are touched, then they are encouraged to move more. This also stimulates their logical abilities because of the same previous reason.

However, there are some qualms that I have gathered from this mat.

Firstly, there is a note underneath the product on amazon which states that they would advise parents to place the mat on carpet or ceramic tiles and place non-slip socks on the kids (such as those located on the left). They also warn parents to not allow babies and toddlers on the mat without supervision so that the children can avoid falling on the mat. The latter goes without saying: you can’t leave babies and toddlers unattended for a second. However, it worries me that the mat can be slippery by itself.

There may be those who do not have carpets (for allergy reasons) nor ceramic tiles in their homes so how can they prevent slippage? The non-slip socks are not going to suffice by themselves as the entire mat can move. It would be nice if the creators added something to the bottom of the mat that gripped onto whatever floors it was on to minimize movement and slippage. I do believe that the reason why the mat is slippery is because the material used is to make clean-ups easier, among other things. Which is fine, but something underneath the mat to grip the floors would be ideal.

Secondly, I would have liked to see more functionality with the mat in terms of voice. There are 8 numbers and colors on the mat located on each piano key but they don’t really receive recognition as the children are more interested in pressing the keys and hearing the sounds that come out of them.

I would have liked to hear a voice that noted each color, number and the names of each animal upon pressing the “switch” key at the end of the piano. That way, they are learning about everything on the piano, rather than just listening to the sounds. Otherwise, the colors and numbers are just decoration for toddlers who haven’t learned their colors or numbers as yet.

This also puts pressure on the parent/s to teach the child the colors and numbers that are located on the mat, and Let’s face it, most children don’t really listen to parents when they speak.

Lastly, if you thought that this product was an introduction to piano, you better think again! It does introduce the child to piano sounds but the child is unable to really relate the sound to anything because the mat doesn’t teach how the sound matches with a color and/or number (as per my previous point). Again, that voice that indicated, “1-red, 2-orange, 3-green” etc, for example, would have helped the child match a piano sound to a particular color on the mat.

Additionally, the colors of the keys should have been in sequential order, using all 7 colors of the rainbow (or any seven colors for that matter). This is to match the sound of each key on the piano to each color of the rainbow because the piano has 7 main keys (C-D-E-F-G-A-B). After the 7th key, the cycle of letters starts with C again and continues. This mat should have ensured to represent this same pattern using the colors. For example, the first key would be red-then orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet. After Violet, the next color would indicate the start of the cycle again to red (if this doesn’t make any sense, leave a comment and I will explain this in more detail). The mat does not do this.


  1. It is a multi-sensory mat that stimulates sight, touch, and sound through its flashing lights, tactile functions, and music.
  2. It promotes movement of crawling, hitting, dancing and the like.
  3. its foldable, small and lightweight so it’s easy to put away
  4. The material is non-toxic and tasteless which makes it safe for a baby to use.
  5. There is an instant standby mode that kicks in after 2 minutes to conserve battery.
  6. Children are exposed to different sounds and music


  1. The mat is slippery by itself so there needs to be careful consideration into where to place the mat
  2. There isn’t enough functionality with the toy: the child hears animal and piano sounds but is unable to relate them to the pictures and colors that are located on the mat.
  3. Not ideal for teaching or introducing a child to piano
  4. Not ideal for learning numbers and colors or songs (as the songs played don’t have lyrics). The makers of the mat leave the job to parents, siblings and anyone else who can teach the child what everything means.

So is this a winner?!

Not necessarily. It is a great toy for its engagement with the child because of its bright colors, flashing lights, and sounds, however, it lacks the educational tools needed to push this product into a realm of efficiency at a quality price. This could have been such a great educational toy if not for its setbacks because, without them, it’s just a toy.

None-the-less, the M Samnerson Piano mat is a great Christmas gift for any toddler which should distract them for quite some time. So if that is your aim, go ahead and check it out!

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19 thoughts on “Toddler educational Toys: A M SANMERSEN Piano Mat Review”

  1. Wow I never knew that dance mats could be used for toddlers, so this is definitely of interest to me. Do you know if this product has any safety tips, e..g you mention that the mat may slip, so does the product come with tips to avoid this from happening? It does look like a nice product 

    1. Tyranique Thurston

      Not sure because its not advertised in Amazon. However, you have the option to place something that would prevent it from sliding like double-sided tape or some kind of anti-slip material that you can stick on the underside of the mat!

  2. Thank you for this review of the A M SANMERSEN Piano Mat.

    I like that it’s engaging for younger kids and offers a tactile, audible and visual stimulation to help them develop.

    I agree with you that it lacks true educational value.  It’s a shame it can’t teach notes or chords and so on.  That would make it a great learning resource that’s engaging for children.  Still, it has value.

    Based on what I’ve read here, I’d consider this for a very young child because it does offer feedback of sorts but would probably skip it as an educational or toy for older children.  Maybe a more advanced version is in the works.

    Thanks again,


    1. Tyranique Thurston

      My sentiments exactly Scott! Hopefully, the makers of the mat would look at this post and make some improvements. 

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read the article!

  3. This was very enlightening. I was not aware that this development toy existed. Somehow in my head, I cannot help but visualize the scene in the movie Big with Tom Hanks playing the mat piano…don’t ask me why…lol.  also, what did you mean when you say “functionality with the mat in terms of voice”? Do mean for it to be automated as well?

    1. Tyranique Thurston

      Well the mat produces sounds already (animal sounds and piano sounds) and I was saying that it would be great if they had a voice recorded that identified the animals and the colors and keys on the Piano. i.e. every time they step on a key, the voice would say, ‘yellow” or ‘C’ depending upon what mode they were in.

  4. Encouraging sensory-motor activity and stimulating logical abilities are definitely ways to aid in childhood development, and I’m glad to see that M Samnerson Piano does just that. I appreciate you pointing out that it falls short in the educational department. I agree that it could be so much more in maybe teaching the toddler about music or even the basics of piano-playing. All-in-all it makes for a great gift for sure, and I will save your post for the next the one’s birthday, thanks for a great recommendation!

    1. Tyranique Thurston

      Thank you Penetral for taking the time to read my article! I’m glad that you were able to get something from it!

  5. Hello, thank you for sharing this review of the M Sanmersen Piano mat. Educational devices and toys help kids to learn fast. With these, our kids will have better learning experience and they’d enjoy learning too. I find this educational toy to be a nice product as our kids will be able to relate some sounds with the specific animal and even enjoy some music from the piano mat. However, I don’t like the fact that the mat is slippery. Seems like the link is broken! Please fix it.

  6. This sounds like both an educational and fun toy for young children. When I babysit for my grandchildren they are always drawn to toys with sound.

    I think young children would love hearing the different sounds that this mat makes. It also allows the children to move and interact with the piano mat.

    I am glad that you mentioned it was slippery without being on a carpet. That is something important that needs to be mentioned.

     I think if an adult is playing with a child the adult could say the colors and have a little more interaction with the child. The child would learn, by hearing the adults say the color names. You could play games with it, like say a color and see if the toddler would be able to find the color. 

    1. Tyranique Thurston

      Yes Sharon. I agree with you completely. Its a great bonding time too if the adult can make the mat an educational moment, even if it is once a week.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article among us. Your article was beautiful and interesting and informative. I have got a lot of information about Toddler educational toys: A M SANMERSEN Piano Mat Review. This is an ideal educational toy for kids. This toy is one of the best I have known and my son has used it. This is a great toy for the child to engage with because of its bright colors, flashing lights and sounds. I benefited from reading your article I think other people will benefit like me. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back to your website later. Thank you again for sharing such a beautiful post among us. 

    1. Tyranique Thurston

      Awesome Md! Thank you again for taking the time to read my articles! I’m glad that you learned something from it!

  8. Thanks for sharing a great review post and keeping in mind the safety of our children! If the mat is slippery, probably getting the right soxs will be enough!

    Not being an educational toy doesn’t mean it couldn’t be a joyful toy at all. The fact of the children having to push to see a reaction will definitely help their psico-motricity somehow.

    Do you consider it will be suitable for an 17 month girl!?

    1. Tyranique Thurston

      I completely agree with you, Juan! it is a joy for the kids to have. 

      Yes. It is pretty safe for a 17-month-old. there are no toxins from the mat so if she puts her mouth on it (providing that you keep the mat clean) she’ll be safe. Also, wearing the antislip socks will prevent her from falling.

  9. I see that this mat comes with different awesome features that could help children to develop and improve on their senses. But unfortunately, it doesn’t educate more of which you’re already stated. How I wished that the company will read through your blog and enhance their product based on your opinion, it would definitely be awesome. Nevertheless, it’s still a product that can be presented to any child to build their brain.

    1. Tyranique Thurston

      I’m reallly hoping that they do read it Leon! Really and truely because if they did, they could make a fortune!

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