Tutorat A+ Tutoring review-Where the Goal is an A+

Name: Tutorat A+ Tutoring

Subjects taught: Math (including calculus and linear algebra)

Products: Online Crash course Calculus 1; Online Crash course calculus 2; Online Crash Course Linear Algebra; private tutoring; free courses; e-books for calculus 1, calculus 2 and linear algebra

Price Range: $350 CAD for each crash course; $9.95 CAD per ebook

Who is Tutoring A+ Tutoring?

Tutorat A+ Tutoring is an online tutoring platform based in Montreal, Quebec Canada that is dedicated to preparing high school students for pre-university level education. It is led by Francis Lau, a teacher with over 10 years of experience in teaching and tutoring in science and math. It is worthy to note that it seems as if he is the only person teaching the courses.

What are some of the products and services?

Francis Lau offers three options of products and services that are available on his website. These include online crash courses, e-books and private tutoring with the option of ‘free courses’ available.

Online crash Courses

These are pre-made courses that are 20 hours in total (usually takes a week to complete) and are designed to prepare students for pre-university level courses in Canada. There are 3 online crash courses available:

Calculus 1– This course teaches you about derivatives and how to apply them in different scenarios. There are also a lot of examples that are provided for practice purposes

Calculus 2– This course now teaches you about antiderivatives, how to solve integrals and also how to apply them in several scenarios. Also, just like calculus 1, there will be many examples that will be provided for practice purposes.

Linear algebra– This course teaches you about the matrix and how to solve the Inverse matrix, Determinants, Cramer’s Rule, vectors, lines, and planes. Also, just as in the previous two courses, practice material will be provided.

These online crash courses are, in my opinion, similar to Khan Academy courses, where each course has a series of lessons that starts with an introduction to the course and also an explanation on how to use the lesson material (all explained on the first two free videos in the course section). Each lesson is given a summary of the equations used and also a note guide in which the students fill in some of the missing notes themselves. To me, the note guide is important because it is proven that most students retain information better when they write it down and by providing an incomplete note guide for them to fill out will ‘force’ the student to actually make an effort to take notes.


If one decides that they are unable to purchase each full online crash course packets then they have the option to purchase the summary of each of those crash courses for a little under $10 CAD. These books are helpful for completing homework assignments and preparing for exams.

Free Courses

Tutorat A+ Tutor does offer some free courses but the name can be misleading as these are simply practice exercise books for the three crash courses listed above. However, these are just as good because the more you practice a concept, the more it sticks.

Private Tutoring

Francis Lau does offer private tutoring sessions but they seem to be available only to those in the Quebecian area.


There are several advantages to using this online platform:

  1. everything about the crash course is available and pre-packaged for you at purchase
  2. Francis goes in-depth within each lesson
  3. Because it is an online video, you can start, stop or rewind at any point if the information is moving too fast (you learn at your own pace)
  4. If you can’t afford the crash courses, there are some cheaper alternatives available for you such as the summary e-books or the free practice exercises.
  5. Although the online courses are designed to aid high school Quebecians/Canadians with their math course content, the concepts can be readily applied to any student, anywhere.
  6. The courses are designed to last for 20 hours (which is just about a week) which means that you don’t waste any time.


  1. The crash courses are indeed a bit costly
  2. The crash courses also do not provide an opportunity to ask questions in real-time since they are pre-made courses (Francis still leaves his contact information so that if you do have any questions you can just email or call him directly).
  3. Sadly, purchasing the crash course does not entail keeping them for life as they have an expiration date (they can be kept for 3 months max) but the notes and summary are yours to keep.
  4. Private tutoring not available to those outside of Quebec.

So should you buy?

Despite its cost, the crash course definitely is a program that you should try because it is a specialized course that takes you step by step in the three topics of advanced mathematics, calculus 1, calculus 2 and linear equations. Of course, if the courses are too expensive, then the option of purchasing the summary ebooks would be my next suggestion and then you would have free exercises to practice with. Definitely a bargain that’s worth it!!

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17 thoughts on “Tutorat A+ Tutoring review-Where the Goal is an A+”


This sounds like a very effective course. I’m sure that for many students it will be useful. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to inform us.


Hi Tyranique,

Thanks for researching about the course and detailing it very well in the post. I like the fact Francis has come up with three variants, just had one question though – How useful will these courses be for someone who is not from Quebec? I mean are these courses designed keeping in mind the curriculum of students living in Quebec ?

    Tyranique Thurston

    Hi Satz, I emailed and asked Francis himself whether these courses can be used anywhere and he said for sure. I do wish that he had a trial version available or a snippet of the course so that most people can watch and see for themselves.

    Actually, I think I might suggest that to him.


Although it is a bit pricey, I can understand parents paying to help their kids get through such an important subject. I did the same for my daughter when she struggled with Calculus.

    Tyranique Thurston

    I completely agree with you. I think that because it is one of those subjects that require a little extra help outside of the school that parents in Quebec are willing to pay that price. Especially since it’s needed for entering colleges.

Kay Keene

Thank you for sharing this, I teach English Online and recruit teachers I will share this to help my fellow followers in the math field.


Great review, thank you!! I think that even with an expiration date I would go with the courses. I have never opened a math book again after completing the modules…I also think that if you can contact the creaters of the course than that is good enough. Have you tried their response time?
Only thing that would keep me from buying might be the price. Is it possible to ask questions when you buy the e-book?
Thank you so much for sharing this very helpful information,

    Tyranique Thurston

    I got a response within 3-4 days from the owner of the website, which is fair considering I messaged him on a Friday evening and he didn’t respond back until Monday or Tuesday. Because it was the weekend, I consider that off days for anybody lol.

James A

Hi Tyranique,
Great idea for a website, such a great service you provide. It’s good to have access to extra learning for some of the more difficult subjects, I can see how it would take the pressure off from traditional schooling.

    Tyranique Thurston

    It really would James. Most kids nowadays need extra help just to keep up with the fast pace curriculum.

Dr. SD

Looks like the courses are valuable though a bit costly. My daughter too little now, she needs to grow a bit more to be eligible for these courses. But I definitely keep in mind this information about Tutorat A+ Tutoring. Thank you for sharing.


Hi Tyranique,

I think this would definitely be of great help to those students pursuing Math courses in College. When you consider the cost of tuition these days, it’s probably worth the price.

I’m amazed at the amount of online education there is today. It’s becoming more and more available.

Maybe someday, it’ll have such an impact, that it would force secondary education prices to come down. Wouldn’t that be something?

Thanks for sharing,

    Tyranique Thurston

    wow that is an interesting idea that really got me thinking. That’ll be something and would look forward to it if it can happen!!

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate your input!! 🙂

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